Hi, I’m Daniel Cheung (張).

I empower others to think critically about organic SERPs so that they can develop and execute effective SEO strategies.

About Daniel K Cheung.

I am a SEO consultant and organic growth educator based in Sydney, Australia.

My pronouns are he/him.

I’ve been on podcasts such as The SEO Rant, Work in SEO, and Page 2 Podcast. And having a bit of experience in landing backlinks off HARO, I presented on HARO link-building for Melbourne SEO Meetup.

Prior to going in-house at Optus, I consulted for the likes of Danone, NRMA and Westpac. A key strength of mine is communication.

Outside of work I produce a weekly released podcast called Dreading Sundays where I interview freelancers, agency-side, and in-house digital marketers. With a special interest in sharing stories of career progression from people of colour and LGBTQI community – this is my pet project to give back to the Search community.

My thoughts on running a small business, marketing, and photography have been published in Business InsiderPeta PixelSourceBottlePhotography SparkSmart Insights, and Business.com.

I’ve landed client mentions on recognised media outlets such as American Express, Finder, Bustle, and Best Life Online.

I’m passionate about sharing my insights and search-related learnings. For example, download my technical SEO checklist template for WordPress builds, or copy my very simple but effective content brief.

Contact me for SEO-related consulting, hiring, and team training.