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Technical SEO

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Local SEO

Learn how to dominate local search intent without resorting to spammy tactics.

Link building

Learn how to earn links from noteworthy sources with minimal risk.

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Things (I think) you should know.

If you have a website, some form of search engine optimisation is needed. However, for certain business types, ongoing SEO is probably a waste of resources. For example, a restaurant or cafe won’t need to do much SEO except for the early stages to ensure that their website shows up for branded searches.

Some industries are prohibited from advertising on social media and search engines. Industries such as cryptocurrency exchanges and online casinos must rely on organic search to bring in potential customers. As such, SEO is a must for them.

Most professional services will benefit from SEO – the challenge is affordability and finding a vendor who you can trust.

No. Guaranteed SEO results do not exist and no one can ever get you (meaningful) #1 keyword rankings in 30-days.

No one, no agency, and not a single vendor can deliver you first page rankings on Google organic SERPs. People who promise you these things are lying through their teeth.

All they want to do is lock you into a 12-month contract and collect their recurring retainer (whilst doing nothing, or even worse, doing harm to your websites’s trust signals), wait for you to fire them, before moving onto their next victim.

It all comes down to time and the opportunity cost of spending time learning a new set of skills versus leveraging someone else’s experience and skills.

With that said, there are benefits of doing SEO yourself:

  • You tend to know your business best.
  • You have access to customer data and insights.
  • You have subject matter expertise that will allow you to publish content that is different to what already exists on the internet.
  • You end up investing in your own education.

However, the major disadvantage of doing SEO yourself is that it takes time away from what you do best.

And even if you decide to hire a professional, not all SEO professionals have your best interest at heart. Therefore, there is a real-world benefit to having some SEO experience yourself so that you can separate the scammers from pros.

I want you to start thinking in months and years.

If you need immediate traffic and exposure, you should invest in paid marketing.

Results from SEO takes months and years because ranking in Google search requires trust and trust takes time to build.

The following excerpt is taken straight from Google Developers“Remember that it will take time for you to see results: typically from four months to a year from the time you begin making changes until you start to see the benefits.”